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Whole House Water Filter Reviews And Ratings

Whether you have city water or well water, you may want to consider a Whole House Water Filter system to purify your water. Water easily collects–and delivers–impurities throughout your plumbing and faucet systems. These are impurities you are drinking every day. These impurities are washing your clothes, as well as your family. There are numerous water filtration systems available for you to choose from, however, before taking this step, you must understand what this system is–and does–for your home and your family.

A popular whole house water filtration systemWhat is a Whole House Water Filtration System?

A whole house water filtration system is just as it sounds–a system that treats your entire home. The filter is connected to the main water line leading to your house, delivering nothing but purified water everywhere in your home. This can include purified water to your garden hose and sprinkler system, however, this sometimes presents complications. Often you have a water line leading to your home, and a separate line to your yard. It can be accomplished, though.

Before you purchase your whole house water filtration system, you need to determine what impurities are wreaking havoc with your water. If you have city water the most common are chlorine and chemicals. You may also have sediment and iron you wish to remove. In many cases these impurities do pose a health risk, but for a few, they may prove toxic. If you have a well, you may need to have your water tested. Providing this information to the company you are purchasing from allows them to recommend the best system to meet your needs.

It’s also better to read whole house water filter reviews of the system you are purchasing to be better aware about the product.

Whole House Water Filters Vs. Water Softening Systems

You may be asking, “Why can’t I just purchase a water softener?” Although this is a good question, you need to understand the difference between the two. A water softener system is designed to remove only a few contaminants, while the whole house system removes a much broader range of impurities. This provides a greater sense of security for you, both for cleansing your home and protecting your health.

The Benefits of a Whole House Filter System

Purchasing a whole house water filter offers you a plethora of benefits. Considering these benefits carefully should give you a better understanding as to your need one of these systems.

  • Clean, pure water coming from every area of your home
  • Chlorine and chemicals removed the moment they enter your plumbing system
  • Prevention of chemicals entering your clothing, preventing them from embedding themselves in what you wear each day
  • Removal of chlorine from your dishwasher ensures no chlorine vapors are entering the air your family breathes
  • Removal of chlorine from your dishwasher ensures a reduction of soap scum on the dishes you eat from
  • Healthier drinking water, preventing sickness from toxic chemicals
  • Cleaner air to breathe with the disappearance of chemical toxins–this alleviates asthma and allergy symptoms for those who suffer from them
  • No more showering in contaminated water that can cause skin rashes and damage to your hair
  • A whole house water filtration system is the only real filter system for showers
  • Removing chemicals from your water reduces the carcinogens you would otherwise be ingesting, both in the air and your drinking water
  • These systems protect you from both the breakdown of city water and sanitation systems

Popular Products

A variety of companies offer these systems, but before purchasing one, you need to compare each product and what these companies offer. Here are some of the most popular to choose from.

  • Pelican’s system is rated five stars, and costs $1,079.00 when purchased through a retailer. You can save money by purchasing online. This cost is $749.00. The average lifespan is five years, and the company offers a limited warranty. It works for both city and well water and can be installed outside.
  • Rhino EQ-300 by Aquasana water filters received one of the best reviews in Amazon and is one of the best rated whole house water filters in the online store. The cost is $769.30. Customer reviews that the water taste is excellent and works flawlessly after a long period of time.
  • Pure Earth offers a filtration system for $1,499.00, with an online price of $899.00. It has a four star rating, and a lifespan of four years. The greatest downfall is its warranty–a mere 30 days. It works for both city and well water, but cannot be installed outside.

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Although you may think that a whole house water filtration system is too expensive; before you let the prices scare you away, mull over one more piece of information from the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality. The council explains that the cancer risk of those who drink water containing chlorine is 93 percent higher than those who do not. A whole house water filter system targets chlorine…can you afford not to purchase one?